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Lucidchart: An Essential Tool for Implementing Lean Six Sigma at Yoder Lumber

The times they are a-changin’, especially when it comes to quality and speed that customers demand from manufacturers, retailers, and other businesses. Think about it—if you want to buy a new outfit, you can look through thousands of options on Amazon until you find the exact color and fit you want, and you can receive your order a mere two days later, just in time for your night on the town.
But these customer expectations don’t just apply to major corporations like Amazon. They apply to local businesses, like family-owned Yoder Lumber.



WCMA Fall Tour Shows the Past, Present, and (Possible) Future of the Hardwood Industry

By Tony Yoder, CPTO

As a long-standing member of the hardwood industry, Yoder Lumber is very familiar with the fact that if anything is certain it is that things will change. Probably the most dramatic shift that we’ve seen in the last 70 years has been the shift from a primarily domestic market to a globalized market where your customers and competitors can be literally an ocean away. Along with the shift to globalization came massive technological changes, spurred on by a need to compete with businesses that may have vastly different labor costs, regulatory requirements, and even raw material costs.…



Small Town Atmosphere, Friendly Customer Service


By Dennis Hange and Danielle Scott

From the blue prints of your home to mulching the flower bed, without a doubt Gordon Lumber can provide it. Yoder Lumber has had the privilege of working with Gordon for the past four years providing a variety of S4S products and hardwood lumber to their stores in Northwestern, OH. Yoder Lumber had the opportunity to sit down with Marc Lovins, Director of Purchasing, Rob Hofelich, Director of HR, and Jan Cunningham, Marketing Director to learn about the history and diversity of customers for the building industry. …


Dedication, Quality, and Integrity

Every year over 4 million tourists travel to Holmes County, Ohio to experience the unique lifestyle of the world’s largest Amish community. To “outsiders” the lifestyle may seem simple, at times perhaps even a bit backward compared to today’s modern lifestyle. As you drive the winding back roads of Holmes County, you’re sure to end up following a horse drawn buggy with a small child peering out the back window as the horse slowly clips around a corner or over the crest of a hill. The pace of life is slower for the Amish, yet it remains a diverse community filled with innovative and hardworking people, known for their exceptional skills in hand craftsmanship.…



Have you ever gone to the grocery store and there was absolutely no one in line for the checkout when you went into the store, a long line magically forms the instant you begin moving towards the checkout counter? This is a classic example of a principle called “variability” in the lean world, each customer took a different amount of time to browse for their goods. This creates a situation all the customers in the store could potentially go to the checkout counter simultaneously even though they may have entered the store in steady intervals.…



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