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Fine Appalachian Hardwood Products for Commercial Retail Interiors

Yoder Lumber’s Architectural Wood Solutions (AWS) division specializes in working with architects, designers, and builders of commercial retail interiors to create custom wood solutions.

From flooring, wall cladding, shelving, and cabinets to mouldings, fixtures, and trim, we can craft almost any wood product you need out of the finest Appalachian hardwoods to create a shopping environment that appeals to your customers.

We carry many native hardwood species and have access to many exotic species of wood and reclaimed material. Our team of commercial interiors specialists can help you plan, specify, and procure the hardwoods you’re looking for and create custom components and products tailored to your specifications.


red oak straight angle four chair set

Hard Maple Set Straight Angle 2


Your Custom Hardwood Solution Provider
Contact AWS to find out how Yoder Lumber can create custom hardwood products for your next commercial, retail, restaurant, or home building project.


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