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Sell Us Your Timber

Timber is a natural, renewable resource that can provide valuable income for your family or business. Yoder Lumber will give you a competitive price for your timber.

The steps of selling your timber:

  • Yoder Lumber’s professional foresters meet with you to evaluate your land and timber.  Yoder Lumber can then create the best tailored harvest plan to meet any landowner’s goal and objective.

  • Property tax reductions are discussed and recommended based on CAUV tax purposes.

  • Property lines and harvest boundaries are established prior to harvest using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping.

  • All trees to be harvested are marked with paint at the base and the stump.

  • Our proposal is reviewed with you stating the value of the timber and cruise data.

  • The final harvest plan is approved by the landowner. Then once all parties are satisfied a contract is prepared with clear binding agreements including a payment schedule.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about harvesting opportunities that may exist on your property. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation and property review.



"The first thing after Yoder Lumber walked the property and we went through the formalities of getting a contract, we signed a contract. Yoder Lumber would not set foot on our property with equipment or anything else until we had been paid in full 100% of the contract agreed upon value."

Mike C.


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