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Timber Harvesting FAQs

Q. How can Yoder Lumber assist me with forest management?

A. If you live in Ohio and have a woodlot of 20 acres of more, Yoder Lumber can help you with a wide array of forest management services, including timber harvesting, inventory and valuation, and preparing a forest management plan. Schedule a free on-site visit with one of our professional foresters to discuss your forest management needs and opportunities.

Q. What species do you harvest?

A. Yoder lumber specializes in native Appalachian hardwoods that have commercial value, including: ash, basswood, beech, cherry, grey elm, hard maple, hickory, poplar, red elm, red oak, sassafras, soft maple, sycamore, walnut, and white oak.

Q. What are the benefits of selling my timber?

A. A timber harvest can provide multiple benefits to a landowner. Harvesting can remove poorly formed trees, lower-value species, damaged trees, and mature trees that will provide more growing space for residual trees. Properly harvesting trees will also speed up the rate of growth to residual trees allowing for more frequent harvesting. It will ensure a healthy woodlot and increase the economic potential. Many of our customers want to create a wildlife habitat. Harvesting will also improve access to your property to allow for more recreational opportunities. Most important, a timber harvest will provide all these benefits to future generations.

Q. How does Yoder Lumber harvest timber?

A. Yoder Lumber employs professional foresters and certified master loggers to harvest your timber.

Foresters will:

  • Help you determine your goals and objectives and the current condition of your woodlot;

  • Evaluate your timber and prescribe treatments to improve your woodlot;

  • Estimate the volume and quality of your timber: During this process, trees will be clearly marked with paint on the trunk and stump of the tree;

  • Discuss a harvesting plan to determine log landings, skid trails, haul roads, and timing of harvest;

  • Provide a written offer with a detailed tally of your timber, detailed maps, and a strong contract;

  • Oversee the entire operation until completion.

Loggers will:

  • Meet with you and the forester to go over the harvesting plan;

  • Harvest trees using a two-man crew: One logger will fell trees with a chainsaw and the other will skid the logs with a skidder and/or bulldozer to the log landing.

All land will be reclaimed including the log landing, skid trails, and haul roads according to Best Management Practices (BMPs).

Q. How does Yoder Lumber protect the environment and my property?

A. Yoder lumber employs professional foresters and certified master loggers to harvest your timber. These educated and trained professionals are committed to using practices that protect the environment and your property. Foresters prescribe responsible forest management treatments that will ensure a healthy forest for future generations.

During and after harvesting, Best Management Practices will be used to protect not only your property but the environment:

  • All skid trails will be smoothed out free of ruts;

  • Water bars or broad based dips will be strategically placed to prevent soil erosion;

  • Bridges will be used for stream crossings to protect water quality;

  • Log landings and skid trails will be clear of tree tops and large debris;

  • Grass seed or a wildlife mix if preferred will be applied during the completion of the reclamation process to skid trails and log landings.

Q. How do I know I am getting the most money for my timber?

A. Yoder Lumber is a fully integrated wood processing company. From standing timber to logs to green lumber, kiln dried lumber, and dimension parts, our company is able to utilize all marketable species and grades of your timber to maximize your return. When dealing with us, you are dealing direct. This eliminates a middle man, commission fees, and/or percentage fees.

Q. Do you charge a fee?

A. No.

Q. What size trees does Yoder Lumber harvest?

A. We can harvest all trees that are merchantable. Minimum size for merchantable saw timber is 12” at diameter breast height (DBH) that has a least an eight foot log. 

Q. What are the payment terms when selling timber to Yoder Lumber?

A. We pay the entire amount before your trees are harvested. Typically a down payment is made at contract signing and the final balance is paid just before we start harvesting. We can also offer payments made in multiple tax years to lighten the burden of taxes. If this option is preferred, the payment schedule is clearly stated in the contract with specific dates for the payments.

Q. Will you purchase trees growing in my yard?

A. It is very unlikely. Yard trees usually contain metal that can be very detrimental to the equipment we use. They can also be hazardous to harvest due to home sites, buildings, and power lines. It is usually best to have a tree service company remove trees growing in your yard.


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