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WholesaleLumber AvailabilityWholesaleLumber Availability

WholesaleLumber Availability

Wholesale Lumber Availability

Yoder Lumber has several hundred thousand feet of green and kiln-dried quality wholesale Appalachian hardwood lumber available at any given time. Inventory changes daily. Contact our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for current product inventory.

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Species NameThicknessDescriptionBoard Footage
Basswood4/41 Common KD Rgh 4000
Cherry4/42 Common KD Rgh 2000
Cherry4/4Rustic KD Rgh 14000
Cherry4/4Select KD Rgh Red 6' & 7'7000
Cherry4/4Select KD Rgh Red Strips 8' & Longer8000
Hard Maple4/41 Common KD Rgh Brown 6000
Hard Maple4/41 Common KD Rgh White 40000
Hard Maple4/4Select KD Rgh 2000
Hard Maple4/4Prime KD Rgh Brown 7000
Hard Maple4/4Prime KD Rgh White 48000
Poplar4/41 Common KD Rgh 13000
Poplar4/41 Common KD Rgh Stained 16000
Poplar4/42 Common KD Rgh 52000
Poplar4/4Select KD Rgh 2000
Poplar4/4Prime KD Rgh 28000
Red Elm4/41 Common KD Rgh 1000
Red Oak4/41 Common KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 2000
Red Oak4/42 Common KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 1000
Sassafrass4/41 Common & Better KD Rgh 2000
Soft Maple4/41 Common & Better KD Rgh Worm Hole No Defect 7000
Soft Maple4/41 Common KD Rgh Brown 20000
Soft Maple4/41 Common KD Rgh White 24000
Soft Maple4/42 Common KD Rgh 7000
Soft Maple4/41 Common & Better KD Rgh Heavy Wormy 9000
Soft Maple4/4Prime KD Rgh Unselected 31000
Soft Maple4/4Prime KD Rgh White 8W 7000
Sycamore4/41 Common & Better KD Rgh 7000
Sycamore4/41 Common & Better KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 2000
Walnut4/4Prime KD Rgh 9000
White Oak4/41 Common KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 293000
White Oak4/4Rustic KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 4000
White Oak4/4Prime KD Rgh 11000
White Oak4/4Prime KD Rgh Quarter Sawn 28000
White Oak4/4Select & Better KD S2S Quarter Sawn 36000
White Oak4/4Select & Better KD S2S Rift Sawn 37000
White Oak5/4Live Sawn KD Rgh 6000
White Oak6/4Live Sawn KD Rgh 5000

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"The hospitality and customer service by the Buckhorn office staff was much appreciated. They allowed me to view all the available hardwoods and took the time to further discuss options as well as helping in the choosing of the right boards was appreciated. Knowing we are some 60 miles away, the friendly atmosphere along with the customer service and appreciation, we are looking forward to working with Yoder Lumber in the near future on ongoing projects."

Robert S.
Sir Roberts Furniture, Stow, OH


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